Become one!

One frame per second, one sprite, one key to press, one player, one enemy, one color, in one game.

If you decide to try the game out, thanks, and good luck. The controls are quite simple, the player character simply moves towards the cursor every frame. Touch any red and you will be die. I recommend playing the game in fullscreen.

The screen flashes a lot, so if you have problems with seizures, i got to recommend you to maybe pass on this game ^^.

This is a submission for the gmtk game jam 2019. The theme is/was "Only One".


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Reminded me of Crypt of the Necrodancer. It seems neat, but I honestly can't look at the screen for long

This was really cool and unique


Kind of got Crypt of the Necrodancer vibes from the way everything moved at a constant rate. Cool Idea